Abatha Deborah

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Abatha Deborah offers spiritual guidance through channeling and tarot to assist individuals with personal growth and awareness bringing greater understanding into their spiritual journey.
The detailed insight and clarity from a consultation with Abatha Deborah helps individuals see their lives from a higher perspective, what is happening and why. She is able to counsel individuals through the shifts in their perceptions with a practical approach so that they will be more empowered on their paths.

Spiritual Guidance can assist you with:

Learning more about yourself and your soul journey

Getting a higher, broader prospective into current situations and relationships

Finding healing on an emotional, mental, physical and soul level

Seeing your options and possible outcomes for any situation

Confirming your inner guidance

Letting go of past experiences to move forward more freely

Understanding current life lessons

Gaining awareness, enhancing your personal growth and development

Connecting with loved ones that have crossed over

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About Abby

I am a natural channel in Cape Town, South Africa.
My purpose as a channel is to bring insight to the individual by making direct contact with the higher spiritual realm.

My spiritual gifts have been developing naturally since childhood and most of my techniques for spirit communication have been taught directly by my guides. In 2009 I had formal training in mediumship to fine tune my gifts so could read for others on a professional level.

I have also trained in other forms of holistic health practises which include reiki, spiritual healing, chakra balancing, crystal healing, tarot and animal communication.

Light and blessings