Abatha Deborah

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"Animals can communicate quite well. And they do. And generally speaking, they are ignored." –Alice Walker

Animals are souls too and each have their own purpose in this life and in our lives.

They communicate regularly via telepathy by sending and receiving pictures, thoughts and feelings.


Abatha Deborah can channel these telepathic messages and translate them into a detailed reading for the owner. She also uses tarot cards to get further insight into the pets environment and general wellbeing.
Benefits of a Pet Reading
Insight into their world
Knowing their likes and dislikes
Helping pets adjust with changes in their environment
Reasons behind certain pet behavior
Connecting with pets that have crossed over
Assistance with tracking of lost pets

If you would like to view some examples of pet readings by Abatha Deborah, please click here

Energy Healing for Pets

Abatha Deborah may become aware of an energetic imbalance during pet readings and will send energy healing to the pet. Energy healing promotes deep relaxation and releases any blockages on an energetic, physical, mental and emotional level, promoting health and wellbeing.

It is extremely beneficial to a pet that has experienced any type of trauma, abuse, neglect, loss or environmental changes and can also assist with behavioural disorders.

As the healing is with energy, it is free from physical limitations so distant energy healing is just as effective as hands on healing methods.

Benefits of Energy Healing
Removes blocked energy in the body
Promotes deep relaxation
Significantly reduces stress, tension and anxiety
Assists with healing after medical procedures
Boosts and strengthens the immune system
Maintains health and wellbeing